Female relaxed wedding photographer for couples in Essex, Suffolk & beyond

My natural photography style is perfect for couples looking for relaxed & fun photos that you’ll love looking at for the rest of your life. There will be no cringey poses, you won’t be standing around for ages for group shots and your couple photos will be 20 minutes tops.

A photo of Essex & Suffolk Wedding photographer Sophie Oldhamstead

I am mum to two children, Maddie & Max

I am mum to two children, Maddie & Max, and wife to my husband Lee since 2012. We have two furbabies and we live in Newport which is a little village just outside Saffron Walden.

Trying to get a photo of all 4 of us really is a challenge indeed, both of my children have what we call ‘photographer’s child syndrome’ where they are so used to mummy having a camera in front of her face that it means nothing anymore so they are the WORST possible models to photograph. I like to think this contributes to the limitless patience I have for all of my lovely family client’s children while mine get about a minute before I give up – kids eh!

I’m a total Disney fan – we got married in Florida and Disneyworld is my happy place. I also love lego, (currently obsessed with collecting the Disney100 mini figs) and love nothing more than a new lego set.

I have loved musicals my whole life and now Maddie loves them too so we see one whenever we get the chance (I could do a full 1 woman rendition of Hamilton I’m sure!) One of my highlights of 2023 was going behind the scenes to photograph &Juliet the musical’s leading lady Miriam Teak-Lee (See it here!) – I would love to actually photograph more musical theatre and one of my personal goals is to take the photos that end up in the programme of a west end musical one day!

We love weekends away in the woods, I’m a sucker for a sweet breakfast and I’m a huge rollercoaster junkie! We find yummy cake wherever we go and I’ll be home nice & early in my PJ’s with a cuppa in front of Greys Anatomy before 9! Living the dream!

Ever wonder what a wedding photographers dream wedding would be? Well I have a list! See it here and if your wedding ticks one of my boxes there’ll be a little discount in there for you

Sophie is a magician, she is more special than I could ever write in a review. A force of nature, phenomenally talented, kind, thoughtful and went above the call of duty and even taught me how to go to the loo in a big wedding dress!
Please, do yourself a favour, stop scrolling through the endless photographers and just call Sophie, I promise you, you will thank me