Your wedding day in 3 minutes


What is a mini film?

Mini films are a collection of clips right throughout the day, put together & set to a licensed music track. There is no audio recording & you won’t receive individual clips.

The most important thing to note is that these films are in no way a replacement for a videographer. If a video is high priority for you then I can point you in the direction of some absolutely amazing videographers but for so many of my couples this isn’t the case.

I don’t offer mini films at weddings where there is a videographer. The intention is more for couples who aren’t having a videographer regardless, so its this little bonus film rather than no film at all.

“Our video came through and WOW did it exceed our expectations.

This should be something everyone snaps up, a short video that perfectly captures the day so amazingly. We didn’t know if we were being filmed or photographed and it was beyond perfect. Everyone we’ve showed has been amazed and said it’s the best wedding video they’ve seen because of how natural it was. We really couldn’t be happier!!!”

Add a mini film for £500



  • Adding a mini film is an extra layer of coverage so to make sure I don’t miss a thing I need one of my fab seconds beside me on the day
  • We are there at your wedding anyway, so booking me for a mini film means that there isn’t more cameras & bodies around than there would have been & we can work seamlessly. You won’t actually know when I’m video’ing vs photographing so no extra pressure for you guys on the day


I will almost always prioritise photos over film (as thats what you booked me for ultimately) in key moments such as the first kiss or a confetti shot for example. I of course try to get both and many times I will do but the odd moments will crop up where I have to choose and photos will be my go to


I do not record audio so our highlights film is set to an audio track & you will not receive standalone unedited versions of the clips

Speeches & Ceremony optional add ons are coming soon …

watch this space

So, what do you think,

Sounds good?

If you’ve already booked me for your photography then just drop me a message to let me know you’d like to add a mini film.

If you’ve not booked in yet then what are we waiting for? Send me all your details including the date & venue so I can check my availability & I’ll get back to you within 24 hours

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