Why an album?

Your photos, printed for the generations

Someone said to me once that printing our photos isn’t really for us, we might enjoy it at the time but its for the next generation and that is so true. One of my favourite possessions is a box that houses ALL of the photos right back to my great grandparents era and they are so precious to me.

We live in an age where everything is digital and we can’t possible comprehend a world where we can’t access our digital memories but it wasn’t that long ago that people thought floppy disks & even CD’s would be a suitable archive medium. Now computers are built without the capability to read either. The only way to 100% future proof your wedding photos for generations to come is to physically print them.


  • Handmade in Europe
  • Lay flat pages across a double spread
  • Rigid pages
example pricing:
10×10″, 24 page album = £500

The original & the best

An Heirloom album is exactly that, your first heirloom.

Handbound & printed in Europe, these albums are beautifully made. They are a real investment and the print will still look as beautiful in 50 years as it does the day you receive it.

One of the key features of the heirloom album vs others are the pages themselves. They’re a thicker more rigid material so they’re strong, won’t be bent & hold their shape.

The binding method is also key, these are bound so they can lay flat. This means you can have your favourite image as a full double page spread as you don’t lose the middle of the image into the spine.

Available sizes:
SQUARE – 8×8″, 10×10″, 12×12″
LANDSCAPE – 8×6″, 12×8″,
PORTRAIT – 6×8″, 8×12″, 16×12″, 18×12″

Minimum spreads – 12/24 pages
Maximum spreads – 40/80 pages

Additional pages cost: £12 per spread

Over 30 cover options including personalisation


Printed in the same design house as the heirloom albums you can expect the same attention to detail & print quality in a storybook album as you can from an heirloom album. The main differences are going to be in the pages themselves & the binding

Storybook albums are machine bound and they are made in the traditional way with a bound spine. This means you can not have a double page spread of an image as you would lose some of the middle to the crease.

The pages themselves are a thinner more flexible page so they can be torn or bent & will not have the longevity of an heirloom album’s pages.

Available sizes:
SQUARE – 12×12″
LANDSCAPE – 12×8″, 16.5×12″,

Minimum spreads – 12/24 pages
Maximum spreads – 60/120 pages

Additional pages cost: £6 per spread

Over 30 cover options including personalisation

  • Flexible pages
  • Traditional spine binding
  • Less size options
example pricing:
8×12″, 30 page album = £300