2023 – The Best Bits!

2023 – The best bits!

Having delivered over 20,000 images this year, trying to narrow these down was no mean feat but here are some of my absolute favourites of 2023.

On a personal note, 2023 was a bit of an odd one for our industry. Still not quite free of covid postponements, a LOT of rain, and a lot of changes meant it was a challenge at times but yet again you all proved that I have the LOVELIEST couples. You were all amazing, I made some friends for life this year, was there for some of your most emotional moments. I Met some incredible new people, as well as losing a few who I really took to my heart. I saw some of my previous coupels again which was lush, and met & photographed 4 of their new babies this year!! One of the most special parts of what I do is the relationships I’m so lucky to make, looking ahead to 2024 I can see a whole new collection of families to meet, more babies on the horizon & some really exciting weddings coming up this year.

Thank you again to all of you, for booking me, choosing me & referring me to your friends & family. Your support means I can continue to do this job that I love so so much and for that I will be forever grateful

Thank you so much 2023 couples – you’ve been incredible

Sophie x