Emma & James | Channels

Channels Estate in Chelmsford served as the perfect backdrop for Emma and James’ wedding celebration. This remarkable venue boasts a brand new 2-storey bridal cottage, conveniently located on-site. It provided the ideal space for bridal preparations, ensuring that every aspect of the day was effortlessly captured. The attention to detail and elegant ambiance of the venue truly set the stage for an unforgettable wedding.

Emma had her heart set on an outdoor ceremony at Channel’s outdoor ceremony area, and despite the uncertain weather, we took a leap of faith and made the call to go for it just minutes before the ceremony. It turned out to be the perfect decision as the clouds parted ways, revealing a stunning blue sky as Emma gracefully walked down the aisle. Their ceremony was filled with personal touches including their own vows (tears all round!) and the sun decided to stay for the rest of the day in true british who knows what to expect type weather in May.

As an Essex Wedding Photographer, I am always thrilled when golden hour arrives, and this wedding presented one of the first true golden hours of the year. The soft, warm light during this time of day adds a magical touch to any day, and I was ecstatic to witness it during Emma and James’ wedding. The golden hour provided an enchanting backdrop for capturing stunning portraits at Channels as the sun set.

From heartfelt vows to tearful speeches, every moment was brimming with love and joy. Emma and James’ genuine connection was evident in every photograph captured, allowing their emotions to shine through and tell their unique story. It was a privilege to be able to document their special day and capture the real memories & moments that will be cherished for a lifetime.