Debbie + Anna | Blake Hall

Ooh I’ve been excited to share this one! Debbie & Anna are two of my favourite people I’ve ever met, plus their entourage who were just the most incredibly fun people – we really were the lucky ones to be able to hang out with these guys all day and photograph their amazing wedding!

First things first, let’s talk about Blake Hall—it’s the best! Seriously, one of my absolute favourite Essex wedding venues and for good reason. It’s gorgeous, the team are the best in the business, the food is awesome (their sausage canapes are out of this world) PLUS I’m a recommended supplier there now, which is just awesome . This place is pure magic, and it’s where Debbie & Anna chose for their big day.

From the moment I stepped in the door to these two, I didn’t stop laughing. They were not just a blast to photograph; they brought the whole house down with their infectious fun-loving vibes. But guess what? It wasn’t just them; their crew, friends, and family were all just as fun and they made us feel like family too. Shout-out to their maids of honour! These ladies were not only fantastic in their jobs, always at hand to help the girls out but also a riot. There were moments when I had to pinch myself and remember I was there to take pics, not to crash a friends’ hangout. It was just a fabulous time!

The heart of the day was their ceremony in the rustic hay barn. Surrounded by the rustic charm, they exchanged vows in front of their wonderful sons. Seriously, these kids were the best-behaved bunch I’ve ever seen at a wedding. Kudos to them and their families!

After the “I do’s,” we hit the gardens for some seriously fun photos. Dave from Blake Hall personally delivered drinks, and the maids of honour even took a swing on the famous Blake Hall swing – why should the brides have all the fun eh 😉 Debbie’s niece blew us away with her singing talent during the reception drinks. Then came the confetti moment, followed by a scrumptious three-course meal. Speeches brought out the feels and even a tear or two.

The night continued with the Break Through Party Band, and let me tell you, they rocked it! The dancefloor was packed from the get-go, and the energy was through the roof. We were itching to join in, but alas, we had to say our goodbyes and let the party rage on.

Debbie and Anna’s Blake Hall wedding was an absolute hoot filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments. Being their Essex Wedding Photographer was an absolute honour.