Paige & Charlie | Houchins

Hold onto your heartstrings because I’ve got a heartwarming love story to share. Paige and Charlie’s wedding at Houchins in Coggeshall was nothing short of magical.

Let’s start with the venue, one of my absolute favourites. Houchins is a stunningly renovated house & barn that oozes charm and character, surrounded by breathtaking gardens and run by an incredible team.

Charlie was absolutely besotted with Paige, and it showed in every glance and every touch. His speech was a testament to their love, filled with heartfelt words about all the things he adored about her. It was a moment that brought tears of joy to everyone’s eyes.

Paige’s wedding dress was fittingly named the “PAIGE” dress by Enzoani. It was a showstopper with a fully removable skirt, allowing her to effortlessly transition from ceremony to reception in style. The real magic, however, lay in the bond of family that surrounded them.

And speaking of family, surprises abounded on this special day. The groom’s dad pulled off an incredible surprise by arranging a pink Cadillac, adding a touch of classic glamour to the festivities. One of the things I loved the most was the bond between Paige’s sister Amy, and Charlie. He totally knew they came as a package and their relationship was really a lovely thing to see. Amy adored Charlie so much that she couldn’t resist taking her moment in the spotlight. As soon as Paige made her way up to the roof for the bouquet toss, Amy saw her chance & jumped in her place for her own group shot!