Gemma & Sam | Maidens Barn

Their love story unfolded in a picturesque church ceremony that was nothing short of magical. The moment they said “I do,” it was like time stood still. And let’s talk about confetti—there was so much of it that it practically encircled the church, creating a joyful, confetti-filled memory for everyone.

Next up was the reception at the fabulous Maidens Barn. And guess what? I’m now a recommended supplier there, which is beyond awesome! This venue, with its rustic charm and beautiful surroundings, provided the perfect setting for this Summer wedding.

The speeches, were some of my absolute favourites of the year! Laughter echoed through the barn as heartfelt and humorous words were shared. It was a testament to the couple’s fun loving journey together, and the love and support they had from their closest friends and family.

As the day transitioned into evening, the real magic began. The golden hour cast a warm, enchanting glow over everything, making it the perfect time to capture their photos. And to top it all off, they closed the day with an epic sparkler send-off—a fitting end to a day filled with fun & love!